. . . Getting Cards and Letters from People I Don’t Even Know . . .

Thanks to some kind editing on the part of the “America’s Got Talent” production staff, my crash and burn looked half-way decent. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by their treatment, but leading the show and getting four minutes devoted to me was really an honor. I have received many kind e-mails, facebook notes, and even YouTube comments from “people I don’t even know.” I even received two very kind e-mails during the initial broadcast of the show.

Usually my friend Greg who is profoundly deaf, and I (with my bright red hair) go out together. With those distinctive markers, we are usually recognized the second time we patronize any place. It is now Friday and the AGT segment has ran twice this week on NBC. I go out to the grocery store, hardware store, McDonald’s, etc. and have been anonymous. Finally this morning I go into a local J. P. Morgan office to replace a computer hard drive, and for the first time, someone in the office recognizes me (and cannot believe I didn’t make it).

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