The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff



This 25 minute production of the classic tale of the three goats actually features nine puppets. In addition to the familiar troll who lives under the bridge and three goats, additional characters are added to the story for fun. Tommy, the little boy who owns the goats, a one man band, and a Gypsy lady with her parrot are all added to the light-hearted telling of the classic story. Even the troll gets a laugh in the end. Larger than the traditional “Punch & Judy booth,” the production is presented in a 10 foot wide stage which allows easy viewing from the entire auditorium.

Children are delighted by the familiar antics of the troll and the goats. The characters and scenery are colorful and joyful. While is a show to be enjoyed by the younger set, the show is a joy for the family audience. Tom Bonham has been performing this show for more than 25 years, fine tuning it into one of his masterpiece performances. Tom does all but one of the character voices in the production, and does solo manipulation of all the puppets with the quick fast-paced action of the story.

Over 19,000 YouTube viewings of the show since Feb11, 2007

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