The show is a joy for all ages. The many, imaginative, colorful characters and pop music (perhaps more of a flashback to the 80’s) amaze and delight the children. With Tom Bonham’s unique arena staging the puppets often come face to face with the children, immersing the children as almost a part of the show. Adults appreciate the amazing artistry of Tom Bonham whose solo performance animates the many characters in full view of the audience, yet the audience focuses totally on the puppets.

This musical variety show features Tom Bonham’s most creative and unusual puppets. Tom has created puppets from plastic bottles, plastic pipe, and Tom’s unusual yarn technique. Puppets include a see-thru sultan, fuzzy yarn animals, animated kitchen utensils, a mirrored man, a knight in shining armor, and the great plastic bottle dragon. The 40 minute production features more than two dozen of these unique puppets. The production is presented in Tom Bonham’s arena staging, where the audience sits on the floor around the perimeter of the stage area.

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