Underneath the Christmas Tree


What can Christmas show can surpass Tom Bonham’s A Christmas Fantasy? It took some doing. The result was a Christmas musical variety show featuring Tom Bonham’s creative and unusual puppets in arena staging. The show begins, “Underneath the Christmas tree some ornaments have fallen and taken on a magical life all their own.” And for the next 30 minutes, dozens of glittery puppets made from tree garland and ornaments perform to the delight of all.

The production is presented in Tom Bonham’s arena staging, where the audience sits on the floor around the perimeter of the stage area. Depending on the room layout the stage is a six by twelve foot rectangle, a twelve foot square, or an eighteen foot diamond allowing for 18-40 feet of front row seating.

The show is a joy for all ages. Children are amazed and delighted by the many imaginative, colorful characters and joyful holiday songs music. Adults appreciate the amazing artistry of Tom Bonham whose solo performance animates many characters in full view of the audience.

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