Halloween Potpourri

Tom Bonham’s popular Puppet Potpourri has been modified into Halloween Potpourri with puppets suggesting Halloween themes. The gentle song and dance routines are designed for fun and not to scare. The show features many of the same acts, as Puppet Potpourri. It does include the bouncing teddy bear, stacking pumpkins, the changing creature, and the come-apart skeleton. Special for this show are the dancing skeleton legs, the slinky bouncers, and Zsa Zsu the witch.

The production is presented in Tom Bonham’s arena staging, where the audience sits on the floor around the perimeter of the stage area. Depending on the room layout the stage is a six by twelve foot rectangle, a twelve foot square, or an eighteen foot diamond allowing for 18-40 feet of front row seating.

Halloween Potpourri 2010 at Faust Park Saint Louis Carousel Building

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