A Christmas Fantasy


This show is usually available alternate years and is scheduled to be back in production in 2013.

This musical variety show features a puppet family preparing for Christmas and the arrival of a puppet Santa. The show features a singing elves, Rudolph the Red Nosed Caterpillar, a puppet Santa himself, run-away Teddy bears, and an enchanting Christmas Star finale. The 30 minute production features more than 20 puppets. Larger than the traditional “Punch & Judy booth,” the production is presented in a 12 foot wide stage that allows easy viewing from the entire auditorium.

The show is a joy for all ages. Children are amazed and delighted in antics of the many colorful characters and joyful Christmas music. Adults appreciate unusual warmth generated in this production. The production meets preschool, family, and adult audiences with equal success. Tom Bonham has been performing this show for more than 35 years, fine tuning it into one of his masterpiece performances.


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