90 Seconds


America’s Got Talent producer’s auditions went well. I had honed a clever 90 second act. However, a week before the celebrity auditions one of the producers informed me that they would be unable to get music clearances for my act, could I do some substitutions. Doing a 90 second act is counter-intuitive. The market is for complete 30-60-90 minute productions. The mindset has always been to stretch. The other problem is the time it takes to create the concept and puppets. The Carnival of the Animals was a 10 year project. The last 2 being devoted to actual construction.

It became a challenge  to create a 90 second act.  Then I came up with the “trunk show” idea.  Throughout the years I have had these show ideas that simply did not have enough meat for a 30-60 minute production.  But like my “The Carnival of the Animals” there could be a way to bundle an eclectic mix of some of my best acts and things I always wanted to do into a complete production.  “90 Seconds” was born.  (Although some acts near the 2 minute mark.)  And the act that got me past 2 producer auditions starts the show.


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